A Look Back…

So many people have said “You should write a book” and so My book begins here! I would like to go back one year as a reflection…

For to see where you are you have to see where you have come from!


Fibromyalgia- As I think of it… THE “f” Word

One year ago my body was WORN OUT… It was summer and I pretty much slept it away. Having been to a Bazillion doctors… let’s see if I can name them all… primary care (multiple), psychiatrist (of course cause if you have pain it must BE IN YOUR HEAD), endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, ENT, rheumatologist, neurologist, and probably a lubotomist as I needed to have my head examined after all the “specialists” gave me their two cents and I gave them my hope, $$ and trust!  http://www.fibromyalgia.com

I had everyone telling me what I should do to help myself…go to this doctor, eat better, exercise (ya right), go see my guy at XYZ, jump up and down and do backwards cartwheels while drinking a glass of water… ha… I had tried the umpteen dozen things before and things were just progressively getting worse!

I had a full-time job, a hubby in his first year as a police officer (second career), teenage daughter, teenage bipolar son (yeah that is a whole story in itself), pets to care for, tutoring students to see and me with all the aspirations to be my best but no… Arrrggg!

Pain was my friend or so I made it that way since I couldn’t make it go away I might as well embrace it. Joints like an 80 year old, full body nerve pain, chronic daily migraines (yeah tried the botox injections, 31 shots in the head with nerve pain—right, not thinking… did not work), fog thick as molasses (you know the wake up in the middle of the night feeling and trying to function at full capacity with that fog), muscle weakness, fatigue (walking down the grocery isle felt like running a half marathon), anxiety, nervousness and jitteriness… yep… on and on… craZy

pain 2

The day came and I got up and ate breakfast and went to take my pills… I looked and saw the 25 pills bottles clearer than any other day, YEAH I was 45 and had TWENTY-FIVE prescriptions. What was I doing??? What was I going to do??? Keep going this way??? Go see that guy at XYZ? I thought back to a friend’s comment… “when you are done with the pills let me know…” wait…what?” So I sent the text…Tell me what you know that I don’t… and so life began to change…


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