Pan Away = Pain Away

I was hooked the minute I felt the relief of Panaway! Everything I ever knew healing wise was bought at a Pharmacy or Big Box retail shop, prescribed by a doctor with a WARNING LABEL written all over it! This little bottle with the blue label blew my mind! Within several minutes of rubbing a few drops, on a tender area, of course fibromyalgia related for me, the intensity of the pain decreased. I soon made this bottle my best friend! Yep, it went to work with me, cause gosh forbid I did not have it, then I would be in PAIN and have ANXIETY about being in pain! Funny? But if you live with chronic pain it is the TRUTH!


Living in chronic pain became a little bit easier! I now had one useful tool that could knock my pain down from a 6-7 to a 3-4. Not perfect but is was enough to make me research additional oils especially ones for pain and inflammation! Here was me the one with 25 prescription bottles sitting finding more oils (NOT PILLS) to help me to help myself! Now I am NO DOCTOR and having been given EVERY TEST under the moon, had plenty of time to understand my body (certainly not that LIKED it) and given my diagnoses, I can safely say I wanted a VAT of this stuff!

Just look what it can do! Who doesn’t stumble across pain once in awhile?


Wintergreen, helichysum, clove and peppermint are natures beauties in this blend!


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