To Leap or Not To Leap?

And so the journey began…

So picture this, me standing in my kitchen, stack of medical bills on the table, my FB news feed full of posts about being in pain, counter full of prescription bottles and a message on my computer from my friend Amy that I should consider using essential oils to help me with my fibromyalgia.

Wait… what? Essential what? Yes, of course I was skeptical I had NEVER heard of this term, “essential oils” it sounded like a foreign language to me… OK, I remember thinking, “I’ll just send her a message and get the info and kindly get back to her… with a sorry but they can’t help me” or a “I will be sure to check them out!” And then insert cricket sounds… chirp…chirp…chirp…

Message sent… Amy: “I started using Young Living’s Essential Oils, I think they can help you!”


Me: “Nice, I will check them out and get back to you!”

Ahhhh Yeah! Research I did!!! Now I can sit back and laugh at myself, but then it was serious business. Once I sent Amy the message… my gut got to taking over…here is someone who has something that might help me…it sounds easy enough for me to “get”…she got it and they are helping HER family so MAYBE, just MAYBE they can help me… but fibromyalgia is so complicated… I will show her they can’t help me… I entered the World Wide Web and typed in “essential oils” not sure what to expect but the second I hit enter a whole new world opened up to me! TIME SUCK- Several hours later and yeah I had probably had Cheetos and a soda while researching… I emerged blurry eyed and intoxicated! Nope, I don’t drink… INFORMATION INTOXICATION… I you better bet I was DIZZY!!!!

OK, I must have lived in a bubble for the past 45 years because here was this whole hidden world I did not even know existed. Yeah, I am college educated, working at an environmental science elementary school and I had just discovered an alternate plane. What I learned in a nutshell…

Really the nutshell is hugely huge and hard to put into words but here were the “essence of plants” that could help with healing. They could help ME with healing. What feeling I got in those few hours was HOPE!

Message: Me “Hey, Amy how do I get some? I want to try them!”hope

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