Take Control…A Slippery Slope

Trying to gain control over my fibro has been like climbing up a mountain that is covered with butter! I have learned to control what I can and to manage the things I can not change.  Some days it may seem a selfish thing but it is crucial! A Flare

is something to avoid at all costs!

fibro 3

#1 Can’t avoid this but living in a great climate helps and preparing for cold weather with layers helps!

#2 LOL, easy to say, hard to do! But really sticking to knowing what I CAN handle and not pushing the limits is KEY and if it means saying “NO” then I have come to learn this the hard way. SELFISH No? Healthy Limit setting!

#3 BWAHAHAH WHo does Not have stress??? I have found in dealing with stress two things! One IS IT WORTH STRESSING OVER??? Two CAN I CHANGE IT? Kind of like the fork in the road mentality. Take the road of least resistance and stand strong…IF I can let it go then I do! If all else fails I use my STRESS AWAY oil and take time  to simmer down and regroup!

#4 Avoiding germs, keeping my immune system strong with supplements and oils has prevented many illnesses, especially in the germ factory of SCHOOL!!!


#6 Keeping a jacket on hand is important for me!

#7 This has been a struggle I am just now overcoming! Turning OFF the phone at a set time each night, having a bed time routine, taking valerian root and using my oils to aid in sleeping and being diligent to follow through with ALL of these EVERY NIGHT!!!!

#8 Keeping my treatment the same with Essential oils has given me stability to avoid the worst symptoms as ones of the past! This has been my GREATEST GAME CHANGER and one I NEVER imagined I would have reached!

#9 I don’t do this often and actually just getting ready for a BIG trip for the FIRST TIME in 10 Years. I will tell you how it goes cause all of the other 10 things WILL COME IN TO PLAY here!!!

#10 here is critical for me! CRAZY as may seem, lights and sounds are triggers for me. Being a teacher in a classroom with fluorescent bulbs is sheer torture! I have been blessed with very supportive administration who allows me to use lamps (with energy-efficient bulbs) instead of those LASER BEAM LIGHTS!!! Not only can I hear the hum of the lights which is enough to set me in a flare but the brightness causes my head to buzz and HURT! the dimmer lights keep the kids calm and more focused! So it is win win situation!! The other trigger is sounds! Loud, random noises scare the bajeezies outta me. This causes a  feeling which causes my body to feel like it is under attack. This is one I have to think ahead, avoiding places with loud noises such as fireworks, hammering, concerts etc. This trigger is harder to manage as noises can pop up randomly! EEKKK!!



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One thought on “Take Control…A Slippery Slope

  1. I have the same sensitivities to lights, especially fluorescent, and random noises! I’m glad the school you work for will allow you to turn off those awful fluorescent lights. The lighting is one of the reasons I don’t go to my kids’ schools very often. I almost always get a migraine after being there.


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