Night Fog-In the Dark

Ohhh we all know lack of sleep effects us! Having fibromyalgia and not sleeping well creates a VICIOUS CYCLE!

Little sleep—Pain—Fibro Fog—Little sleep—Pain—Fibro Fog You see what I mean?


Thank You for!/FibroColors the graphic! This shows the cycle clearly!!!

Enter night time… Last night I laid down exhausted from the day. Ready to fall right asleep…ummm think again!! Text comes through… “Hi, mom. I have the worst migraine ever… throwing up all day… going to the ER.” This is from my 19 year old daughter over 2 and 1/2 hours away… ummm sleep NO! Texting back and forth for an  hour… worried momma mode… wandering mind… always to the worst… what if she needs me… what if it is more than a migraine… what if it is too much for her boyfriend to handle… what if… arrggg…Finally she is situated, meds flowing… tell her I gotta get some sleep as I have to get up in 5 hours (midnight by this time)!!! Sigh… she is feeling relief so I can sleep!!! Ummm NO!!! Cat meows she is hungry… dog growls cause one of the other dogs touched him while he is sleeping! (Greyhounds are PICKY sleepers)…Husband’s breathing machine is whistling… ARGG!!! Now my mind… IF I don’t sleep well I will have more pain tomorrow…I have had too many good days… I want a good day… NO MORE PAIN PLEASE… It is already 12:30am If I don’t go to sleep soon… round and round my mind plays… reach for My Tranquil Oil…rub it on…SIGH… drift off the sleep… 4:45 am cat meows AGAIN… HUNGRY AGAIN!!!! (elderly cats eat and eat!!)  I could have had a bit more sleep ok 15 minutes but hey, sleep is sleep…but noooo…and so the day of fogginess starts.

I am dreaming all day of a GOOD NIGHT’s Sleep!!! Free from texts, meows, growls and breathing machine noises!!! Oh and the Tranquil Oil GOES ON BEFORE I LAY DOWN TONIGHT!!!!

Fibro fog2

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