Five for Friday #1

Taking on a NEW challenge!

I am naturally a very grateful person. I grew up with very little. My mom was a single mom in the 70’s and she taught me to be grateful for even the littlest things we are given. At one point after moving from Florida to Chicago we lived in a lady’s basement, I was 11 years old.  We had only a few items. I carried all of my belongings in one small box. One toy was my constant companion! He wasn’t much but he was everything to me. I had no friends so he WAS IT!!! That simple stuffed Kermit the Frog was all I needed.

When I am feeling low I go back to the thought of this time. I learned much from my childhood and gratitude was one great gift my mother left me.


My 5 for Friday Gratitude – This week I am grateful for…

1. Resiliency in children- We took Diagnostic tests this week in school. My students who struggle greatly came in each day ready to attempt the challenge before them. Even though,  the text was more than a year above their level they plugged along through it. Most of us would have thrown in the towel.

2. Friends- Last night, I went to go to bunco with a circle of friends, on the way I picked up one of the gals and not 5 minutes into the drive we were STUCK. When I say stuck I mean stuck! A bad traffic accident was ahead and we sat for 40 minutes in one spot. As we watched Trauma hawk come and go instead of being frustrated that we did not make it to our destination on fun and food we chatted, and gave thanks to our safety. And of course we prayed for the families involved.

3. My hubby- He helps me so much in the house! He didn’t used to but when I was very sick he started. He has just kept with it and takes the added pressure off. Now we share in the housework!! Blessed I know!

4. LEO Wives- (Law Enforcement Officers Wives)- One of the ladies in our group decided to make THANK You cards, they are small business size cards with a thank you and the other side is a Prayer for Safety. We are handing them out to Law Enforcement Officers we see on duty. I have handed out 3 personally. The men and women have been so grateful! Gave hubby enough to take to the guys (no gals) on his squad and they were ever so thankful! A bit of Sunshine in their days! 🙂

5. Chik-Fil-A Arnold Palmer- They helped me get through my mornings. No coffee here!

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