Five for Friday #2

This week has had many highs and lows! Roller coaster of emotions! Not sure if it is hormonal or just the stage of life…


My 5 for Friday Gratitude – This week I am grateful for…

1. My son received an invitation to the Honor Society. So for most parents this is just a blink but for this kid it is an amazing feat! A year ago he was set on not graduating High School. He was doing online virtual school and very unmotivated and did not see the future that laid ahead of him. Enter summer and he had a big wake up call and made the decision himself to go back to school. He had been in virtual school for three years, it started out great but lack intrinsic motivation was his downfall. Now back in school even with 3,000 students he is doing great! School and his future is NOW important to him! Nothing can stand in his way!

2. I received my kit of 120 essential oils. What an awesome reward!!! Whoo Hoo! Still overwhelmed by this! It is worth $2,000. CRAZY!!! When it arrived I was so excited! Then the feeling of being overwhelmed hit!  I have banged against a wall and am not quite ready to dig in yet! Hopefully this weekend I will have time to organize it and have a testing fest!!! I am ready to conquer any health issue with this set!

3. Sooo thankful for my pups this week! They have been my comfort while hubby is working. Officers wife can get tough.

4. Gelato- Specifically Bryers Tiramisu I read about this from a fellow blogger. I searched it out and OHHHH MY!!! Heavenly!!!! I am rationing it out for myself!

5. Next week is National Literacy Week and my school does a lot of fun activities and the kids get so excited!

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