First Steps

I took that proverbial leap of faith and ordered my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. Waiting for that one Fed-Ex delivery felt like my life had be put into slow motion.

The arrival of that package was a turning point for me! Physically, emotionally and mentally! The unpacking was like a chrysalis emerging from a cocoon! Unpacking the kit was like a celebration!


So, out I popped the diffuser. If you have never heard of one of these and at that time I had NOT, all I can say is hands down this is the most used “appliance” now in my house now!!!

What does it do you ask? Ha, what doesn’t it do? No really… ok, the technical explanation is a Diffuser combines a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy diffuser into one product that safely releases essential oils into the air to eliminate odors and create a spa-like atmosphere.
Sounds great? Well it is all that x 10!!!

I filled it up with water and then… Ohhh my which little bottle of gold to choose???


So, I got sidetracked for about 15 minutes as I sat down an did the “sniff test”. Each bottle was gently opened and given a sniff, one was so uniquely better than the one before and (insert scratch and sniff mode here… GLORIOUS!!!)

I ended up deciding on Purification! I wasn’t looking for it to really do anything at that moment other than smell really good so this was the best choice! Within minutes my kitchen smelled with a light fresh scent and my love affair with the diffuser began!


Then I sat down with the bottle of Panaway. This was one of the things that grabbed my attention as I did my “research”! With Fibromyalgia I live with Pain and boy did I ever NEED this!!!! If you have pain you need Panaway = Painaway!!! I rubbed a bit on a knot in my shoulder and within the pain went from moderate to light and mind you this was WAY more than OTC pain relievers could do!
I knew in that moment I had hit the jackpot! Here was a small bottle with a blue label that could strangely relieve pain like Tylenol, Motrin, Advil could not do. I felt the $150 for the starter set was a STEAL!!!
I felt then I knew many people who NEED this!!!!! Heck Who DOES NOT NEED THIS!!!!


To Leap or Not To Leap?

And so the journey began…

So picture this, me standing in my kitchen, stack of medical bills on the table, my FB news feed full of posts about being in pain, counter full of prescription bottles and a message on my computer from my friend Amy that I should consider using essential oils to help me with my fibromyalgia.

Wait… what? Essential what? Yes, of course I was skeptical I had NEVER heard of this term, “essential oils” it sounded like a foreign language to me… OK, I remember thinking, “I’ll just send her a message and get the info and kindly get back to her… with a sorry but they can’t help me” or a “I will be sure to check them out!” And then insert cricket sounds… chirp…chirp…chirp…

Message sent… Amy: “I started using Young Living’s Essential Oils, I think they can help you!”


Me: “Nice, I will check them out and get back to you!”

Ahhhh Yeah! Research I did!!! Now I can sit back and laugh at myself, but then it was serious business. Once I sent Amy the message… my gut got to taking over…here is someone who has something that might help me…it sounds easy enough for me to “get”…she got it and they are helping HER family so MAYBE, just MAYBE they can help me… but fibromyalgia is so complicated… I will show her they can’t help me… I entered the World Wide Web and typed in “essential oils” not sure what to expect but the second I hit enter a whole new world opened up to me! TIME SUCK- Several hours later and yeah I had probably had Cheetos and a soda while researching… I emerged blurry eyed and intoxicated! Nope, I don’t drink… INFORMATION INTOXICATION… I you better bet I was DIZZY!!!!

OK, I must have lived in a bubble for the past 45 years because here was this whole hidden world I did not even know existed. Yeah, I am college educated, working at an environmental science elementary school and I had just discovered an alternate plane. What I learned in a nutshell…

Really the nutshell is hugely huge and hard to put into words but here were the “essence of plants” that could help with healing. They could help ME with healing. What feeling I got in those few hours was HOPE!

Message: Me “Hey, Amy how do I get some? I want to try them!”hope

A Look Back…

So many people have said “You should write a book” and so My book begins here! I would like to go back one year as a reflection…

For to see where you are you have to see where you have come from!


Fibromyalgia- As I think of it… THE “f” Word

One year ago my body was WORN OUT… It was summer and I pretty much slept it away. Having been to a Bazillion doctors… let’s see if I can name them all… primary care (multiple), psychiatrist (of course cause if you have pain it must BE IN YOUR HEAD), endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, ENT, rheumatologist, neurologist, and probably a lubotomist as I needed to have my head examined after all the “specialists” gave me their two cents and I gave them my hope, $$ and trust!

I had everyone telling me what I should do to help myself…go to this doctor, eat better, exercise (ya right), go see my guy at XYZ, jump up and down and do backwards cartwheels while drinking a glass of water… ha… I had tried the umpteen dozen things before and things were just progressively getting worse!

I had a full-time job, a hubby in his first year as a police officer (second career), teenage daughter, teenage bipolar son (yeah that is a whole story in itself), pets to care for, tutoring students to see and me with all the aspirations to be my best but no… Arrrggg!

Pain was my friend or so I made it that way since I couldn’t make it go away I might as well embrace it. Joints like an 80 year old, full body nerve pain, chronic daily migraines (yeah tried the botox injections, 31 shots in the head with nerve pain—right, not thinking… did not work), fog thick as molasses (you know the wake up in the middle of the night feeling and trying to function at full capacity with that fog), muscle weakness, fatigue (walking down the grocery isle felt like running a half marathon), anxiety, nervousness and jitteriness… yep… on and on… craZy

pain 2

The day came and I got up and ate breakfast and went to take my pills… I looked and saw the 25 pills bottles clearer than any other day, YEAH I was 45 and had TWENTY-FIVE prescriptions. What was I doing??? What was I going to do??? Keep going this way??? Go see that guy at XYZ? I thought back to a friend’s comment… “when you are done with the pills let me know…” wait…what?” So I sent the text…Tell me what you know that I don’t… and so life began to change…