Calm Down and then Some!

The aromatic smell of lavender can do so much! This powerful scent can settle a baby, help you relax, calm an ADHD child. This is one oil I diffuse regularly in the classroom. I have seen the most active child settle after diffusing this! It is a wonderful oil to use during yoga and meditation!


It also has an incredible power to heal! From cuts to scrapes to burns lavender can do it all! Just a tad on a burn will take away to awful sensation! Keep a bit handy in a spray bottle with distilled water for little ones! make a cream for eczema!


Use it alongside peppermint, and lemon for an allergy remedy. 3 drops of in a diffuser will help control yucky seasonal allergies, 5 drops each in a capsule and you will start feeling relief soon! AMAZING Relief!


One of THE most versatile oils in the bag! The aroma is heavenly! Natural not sweet smelling like some!


I love knowing where my product comes from! One day I will visit the lavender fields in Idaho!!!!



One day…

Peppermint-Energy Booster and Then Some

As I stumbled into the world of Essential Oils I quickly came to learn that one single oil can target so many ailments. Peppermint is the BIG DADDY of them all when it comes to what it can do for a body!

My first success and or course surprise came when I had a bellyache. I rubbed JUST A DROP of this oil on my belly and within a few minutes my tummy began to settle!! Say What? A DROP? Well you know I had to repeat that little experiment again a few days later and BAM! Tummy ache gone again. Living with Lymphocytic Colitis is like a roller coaster and this oil helped slow down that roller coaster. So I set out to explore the uses of this magical little oil.


Check it out!!!! Really QUITE Unreal!!!! So many uses! This is what I found!

Peppermint oil uses are widely varied as the oil is versatile non-toxic non-irritating oil. Here are some of the peppermint oil uses from head to toe.

Being antiseptic in nature, peppermint oil massaged on the scalp helps to remove dandruff and head lice in addition to its usual soothing cooling effect.

For relief from headaches, inhale a few drops of peppermint oil sprinkled onto a handkerchief or dabbed on your wrists.

Applied to your face, peppermint oil keeps pimples away making blemish free healthy skin.

To relive nasal congestion from a cold, rub peppermint oil on the chest or add a few drops to a vaporizer.

Get rid of toothaches and bad breath when adding a couple drops of peppermint oil to your toothpaste. The oil has also been used in the treatment of gum disease.

The menthol in peppermint oil will help clear the respiratory tract. Acting as an expectorant it provides relief during a bout of coughs and colds, along with more serious asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, and tuberculosis. The oil has also been used for vertigo and fainting.

Use peppermint oil for indigestion by adding a few drops in a glass of warm water and drinking it after your meal. The oil helps to ease bowel spasms, dispel gas, Cholera, irritable bowel syndrome, colic, morning sickness, diarrhea and nausea. As well as being the best antidote for an upset stomach.

The cooling properties of peppermint oil benefit by removing muscle pain. It has also been used to treat rheumatism, aching feet, menstrual pain, and neuralgia.

Many skin problems such as inflammation, itchiness, scabies, dermatitis, ringworm, and sunburn can be helped with a peppermint oil treatment as well.

Peppermint oil is also used topically to treat stress. At the end of a grueling, long and tiring day, treat yourself to a soak in the bath or shower after applying some drops of peppermint oil to your body. The energized results are due to the refreshing properties of the oil.


Well to say the least I was SHOCKED!!! So I set out to try peppermint for some other things!

Headache… Rubbed on temples… BAM!!! Lightened it!

Stuffy nose… Diffused…CLEARED!!!

Nausea… A light whiff… GONE!!!

Low Energy Due to Chronic Fatigue and Fibro… A drop on the wrist and/or diffused…POOF…ENERGY!!!!

Tummy Trouble…Rubbed onto belly…FIXED UP!!!

Fever… Rubbed on feet…LOWERED!!!

Hot Flashes…Rubbed on back of neck…COOLED OFF!!!


So NOW, this oil stays with me ALL the time! I keep a bottle in my purse! Ha I know sounds crazy but when it replaces the need for OTC meds you USE it!!!

No more Pepto Bismol, Tylenol, Advil, Excedrine Migraine ETC!!!!

Peppermint can also be uses in a weight-loss Trio… Peppermint, Lemon and Grapefruit AND for Allergies… Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon!!! So if you are thinking this sounds to good to be true, that is what I thought…until I tried it!

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