The Eyes Tell All

Last night I had the honor of attending a candlelighting ceremony in honor of children who passed away too soon. I was there with my aunt who lost her son last year.

The room was filled with stories of tragedy. Murders, accidents, illness – loss. My heart was filled with sorrow and sympathy. Looking into the eyes of mothers who have had their children taken away just when life was beginning was heartbreaking. Each desperately wanted to share memories of their loved ones. Listening to dads tell the emotional, physical, spiritual impact was so difficult.

I could see the pain these parents have endured, I could see it in their walk, movements, gestures. They desperately wanted to put on their best show but most of all it was in their eyes.

Whether they were stories that made the headlines or ones that just became family stories I took a piece of their children home with me and that is the best gift I think I could give. IMG_9145[1]