So I decided to get crafty and make diffuser bracelets to give as holiday gifts. I coupled them with small dram sizes of Orange or Lavender Oil. They are a big hit among my friends and colleagues! The school smells great! Back to the craft store I go!!! I see a weekend of crafting ahead! Also making Chest rub for my hacking school friends!IMG_8959[1]

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Are you a hugger or a non-hugger?

HUGGER with a capital H!!!! I have been known to hug a perfect stranger! But if I feel the tension in a greeting I will stay hands off!

What is your favorite toppings on pizza?

Onions and mushroom! (Ha Onions and hugging seem like a match made in heaven!!!) Veggies all the way, although I have been known to eat pepperoni. Heck after not being able to eat pizza for so long I will eat it almost anyway it comes! What? Yep! Could not tolerate the spice in the tomato sauce or the tomatoes for that fact! Curious why? Check out “My Story” @ Sunny Oils

If you were the original designer of one existing corporate logo, which one would you select?

For me logos are a fascination! Your one quick chance to get your point across in an image or words. For me hands down it would be “Disney” that I would have designed. Just look at what it portrays… at least in my eyes! FUN, whimsy, personal! It is so easily incorporated into all aspects of the Disney company! I would so loved to have added my personal touch!

So logos have a whole psychology about them! I recently had to come up with a logo and had to convey a message to my “people”. You have to consider the psychology behind colors and emotions! Ha notice Disney is Black and white portraying “Balance”! And then look at Diversity! I think Disney needs to move into that color scheme as the parks are more diverse than most other places you go! People from all over the world walking and enjoying themselves in one place! Maybe knowing what the company aims to do with their logo it can help you feel more connected to the brand, the product and most of all the emotion they want you to feel.


Complete this sentence:  Where I can seek my solace is… 

Really… I would like to say the beach or forest or somewhere out in nature cause I find those places most tranquil but in honesty it is my bedroom.

When I want to be left along, comforted, have a quiet break I run for the confines of my bedroom. Lights dim, diffuser going, fan swirling, peace and tranquility for sure! And of course my dogs are with me, giving me greater solace!

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Well, last week was Thanksgiving so I would like to say that but honestly it was having time off from the alarm clock! I love not having to set an alarm clock or really having to wake up to an alarm clock! Somehow my sleep is so much better with out the eminent sound!!!


Looking forward to Friday!!!!!!


Five for Friday #2

This week has had many highs and lows! Roller coaster of emotions! Not sure if it is hormonal or just the stage of life…


My 5 for Friday Gratitude – This week I am grateful for…

1. My son received an invitation to the Honor Society. So for most parents this is just a blink but for this kid it is an amazing feat! A year ago he was set on not graduating High School. He was doing online virtual school and very unmotivated and did not see the future that laid ahead of him. Enter summer and he had a big wake up call and made the decision himself to go back to school. He had been in virtual school for three years, it started out great but lack intrinsic motivation was his downfall. Now back in school even with 3,000 students he is doing great! School and his future is NOW important to him! Nothing can stand in his way!

2. I received my kit of 120 essential oils. What an awesome reward!!! Whoo Hoo! Still overwhelmed by this! It is worth $2,000. CRAZY!!! When it arrived I was so excited! Then the feeling of being overwhelmed hit!  I have banged against a wall and am not quite ready to dig in yet! Hopefully this weekend I will have time to organize it and have a testing fest!!! I am ready to conquer any health issue with this set!

3. Sooo thankful for my pups this week! They have been my comfort while hubby is working. Officers wife can get tough.

4. Gelato- Specifically Bryers Tiramisu I read about this from a fellow blogger. I searched it out and OHHHH MY!!! Heavenly!!!! I am rationing it out for myself!

5. Next week is National Literacy Week and my school does a lot of fun activities and the kids get so excited!

Five for Friday #1

Taking on a NEW challenge!

I am naturally a very grateful person. I grew up with very little. My mom was a single mom in the 70’s and she taught me to be grateful for even the littlest things we are given. At one point after moving from Florida to Chicago we lived in a lady’s basement, I was 11 years old.  We had only a few items. I carried all of my belongings in one small box. One toy was my constant companion! He wasn’t much but he was everything to me. I had no friends so he WAS IT!!! That simple stuffed Kermit the Frog was all I needed.

When I am feeling low I go back to the thought of this time. I learned much from my childhood and gratitude was one great gift my mother left me.


My 5 for Friday Gratitude – This week I am grateful for…

1. Resiliency in children- We took Diagnostic tests this week in school. My students who struggle greatly came in each day ready to attempt the challenge before them. Even though,  the text was more than a year above their level they plugged along through it. Most of us would have thrown in the towel.

2. Friends- Last night, I went to go to bunco with a circle of friends, on the way I picked up one of the gals and not 5 minutes into the drive we were STUCK. When I say stuck I mean stuck! A bad traffic accident was ahead and we sat for 40 minutes in one spot. As we watched Trauma hawk come and go instead of being frustrated that we did not make it to our destination on fun and food we chatted, and gave thanks to our safety. And of course we prayed for the families involved.

3. My hubby- He helps me so much in the house! He didn’t used to but when I was very sick he started. He has just kept with it and takes the added pressure off. Now we share in the housework!! Blessed I know!

4. LEO Wives- (Law Enforcement Officers Wives)- One of the ladies in our group decided to make THANK You cards, they are small business size cards with a thank you and the other side is a Prayer for Safety. We are handing them out to Law Enforcement Officers we see on duty. I have handed out 3 personally. The men and women have been so grateful! Gave hubby enough to take to the guys (no gals) on his squad and they were ever so thankful! A bit of Sunshine in their days! 🙂

5. Chik-Fil-A Arnold Palmer- They helped me get through my mornings. No coffee here!

Making My Own Sunshine

If you have never experience a bipolar teen be thankful! The roller coaster is a hard and fast ride! Last night my 16 year old bipolar teen decided NOT to go to sleep (at all). AND YES he IS at school TODAY!!! Well this lady NEEDS sleep! So being woken up at 3:30 am to the sound of the television, then the shower, blender, cat meowing, dog barking all before MY real alarm was set to go off at 5:30 am does not make this lady happy! So no sleep and gray skies and cool weather means I AM MAKING MY OWN SUNSHINE today! Here’s my recipe for today!

1. Reading other people’s blogs feeling their pains, celebrating their celebrations sharing the joy in the images they share- SUNSHINE!

2. Diffusing peppermint, only way I am staying up. (Don’t drink caffeine although by three I MIGHT!!!)

3. Listening to children read. If you haven’t had the joy of listen to children read this is a must! Fills your heart with pure SUNSHINE!


Just for the Scent!

Not too may Essential Oils are created just for the purpose of filling the air with fragrance but boy am I glad they made this one!

Christmas spirit
“Christmas Spirit is a sweet, spicy blend of orange, cinnamon, and spruce essential oils that tap into the happiness, joy, and security associated with the holiday season. With Christmas Spirit on hand, simply open a bottle and start diffusing!
For aromatic use. Diffuse or sprinkle on logs in the fireplace, on Christmas trees, on cedar chips for dresser drawers, or on potpourri. Use all year round.”
diffuser (1)
This is what Young Living says about this product. I say it is the MOST WONDERFUL SCENT!! It transports me right back to my childhood! Cinnomony and warm. The perfect oil to go along with the hot cocoa and turkey cooking in the oven. I say this will certainly be used throughout the year to transport me to a happy place! Depression stands no chance against this JOYFUL scent! I think I will be wearing this in my diffuser necklace for days!! Happy Holidays Y’all!

Once a Teacher – Always a Teacher

Spending my day writing online classes… I have done many 101 Beginner classes to help people learn how to use Essential Oils. Now venturing out into the 102 Class…Special Needs Part 1 and Part 2, Women’s Health and perhaps more! Feeling adventurous… What else does a teacher with two weeks off do?


I have been a teacher for 22 years. Special Education, Reading Specialist. Something magical happens when you depart information to people and they grasp on to it and take it on as their own. I have always enjoyed learning and found my passion for teaching early on. Blessed would be the WORD for this!

Finding great success with the oils myself I feel like I want to go to the highest mountain top and shout… “Just try them!” I see people suffering with ailments that the oils can help even if it is temporary it is relief.

I love the forum on Facebook events for the classes! What a GODSEND this has been! I have been able to reach people I could never get face to face with! I have even reached out in other countries! Although face to face education is BEST online is a great opportunity to reach anyone! OK… Anyone on Facebook!

teach learn

Wanna invite? Look me up on Facebook! Michelle Ecker Siegel Shoot me a message and let me know what you are interested in!


Come Get your Learn On!