Once a Teacher – Always a Teacher

Spending my day writing online classes… I have done many 101 Beginner classes to help people learn how to use Essential Oils. Now venturing out into the 102 Class…Special Needs Part 1 and Part 2, Women’s Health and perhaps more! Feeling adventurous… What else does a teacher with two weeks off do?


I have been a teacher for 22 years. Special Education, Reading Specialist. Something magical happens when you depart information to people and they grasp on to it and take it on as their own. I have always enjoyed learning and found my passion for teaching early on. Blessed would be the WORD for this!

Finding great success with the oils myself I feel like I want to go to the highest mountain top and shout… “Just try them!” I see people suffering with ailments that the oils can help even if it is temporary it is relief.

I love the forum on Facebook events for the classes! What a GODSEND this has been! I have been able to reach people I could never get face to face with! I have even reached out in other countries! Although face to face education is BEST online is a great opportunity to reach anyone! OK… Anyone on Facebook!

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Oh My Aching Head…

“Chronic Daily Migraines” when I first heard those words put together from the neurologist I was like ummm… “YEAH” that IS what I have… Migraines EVERY day! It has a real name and I am NOT the only one??? Taking 6 Excedrine Tablets were my only savior.

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MRIs, (white lesions on the brain from migraines), tests, poking a prodding and sooo many meds try to alleviate them, I was left to try an extreme intervention. Botox injections… 31 injections to say the least… Looking back on this day is quite traumatic…

Living with Fibromyalgia and Anxiety is no cake walk but this day is one etched in my mind and pain receptors and I think will remain there forever.

One hour drive to Cleveland Clinic… another day off work… into the office I go situated in a dark room… the doctor comes in and asks if I minded having an observer in the room, another doctor in training to do the injections. Well, what do you say? “Sure”  Why Not? Well little did I know that this meant that the doctor doing the injections would NARRATE the entire procedure… UMMM Let’s just say my Anxiety level increased with each injection!!!  “We put it here…2 cm to the left and she would be paralyzed as the botox would be too close to the spine… we put it here cause if it were too low her eyes could not open”… it went on and on for about 30 minutes this way… As the injections went in the pain levels increased… by the end tears were rolling down my cheeks. I wanted nothing more than for this day to be over and for the relief that was promised to come.

As most things go for me the procedure… DID NOT alleviate the headaches. I could not feel the surface of my skin… I could not move the muscles in my forehead… but the headaches endured. Once again I was left frustrated with modern medicine!

headache graphic

Enter Essential oils into my life… Ancient medicine and that all changed! Who knew that relief would come from tiny drops of oil. simple yet complex in oh so many ways.


For me M-Grain, Peppermint and Panaway are my staples! No more toxic stuff going in my body… No more 6 Excedrine Migraine tablets a day… no more suffering!

Anyone who knows me well, I was a feel sick, go to the doctor, pop a pill and expect that it works kinda person. When this fallacy started to fail I was given just what I needed. Without Young Living I hate to think what other tortuous procedures I would have endured to find relief. I firmly believe that we must walk through the dark to see the light. The experience with Botox is evidence to me that I needed that to get where I am now… I just hope others can get there with less pain, less trauma and anxiety!

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Frankincense – Medicine Through the Ages

As I began reading more and more about the oils I quickly realized that the one I had been avoiding was the one that was SO VERY beneficial! The history of Frankincense dates back past Biblical times. It is one oil that has been used for centuries for a VAST variety of needs! Just Listen to this AUDIO presentation!

Once I realized what power was held in this bottle I began adding it to my capsule each morning. What I noticed right away was that my inflammation from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Daily Migraines and Adenomyosis decreased greatly! Joints and muscles felt better within a week! Headaches decreased! I felt overall more healthy! I ordered a bottle of Sacred Frankincense to compare to two! Ohhh I quickly fell in love!!! The deep rich aroma is very calming and soothing! Having read the benefits of people with Cancer and Frankincense and having my mother passed at the age of fifty, I know this is one oil I will continue to take daily as my body just feels overall stronger with this oil!

When I was weaning off of Cymbalta, this summer, this one oil was my saving grace. I experienced severe brain zaps from this process, which if you have never heard of is quite painful! When I took 3-4 drops in a capsule my head felt so much better. The pain subsided and I could think clearly again. SERIOUSLY I DO NOT think I could have made it through the process of weaning off of this WICKED medicine without Frankincense!


Now this is one of the more costly oils Young Living has to offer. I researched a little more as to why it is not a plentiful as others. This is what I found. Quite fascinating really!

Frankincense is a powerful healing oil. It is analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-depressant, astringent, cytophylatic (stimulating regeneration of cells), digestive, diuretic, expectorant, sedative, immune boosting tonic, and anti-carcinogenic. There are plenty of stories online detailing the POWERFUL healing benefits of Frankincense. Given my strong family history this is one oil I am willing to pay a little extra for!


{Click to Enlarge} Lots of tips on additional benefits and how to apply!

I have also made an anti-wrinkle cream with this oil! Here is the recipe! I had quick results with wrinkles around the eyes! Amazing really!

Ingredients: yields 1 cup

  • 1 cup organic coconut oil
  • 20 drops Frankincense essential oil


  1. Do not melt the coconut oil. It won’t whip if it is in liquid form.
  2. Measure 1 cup coconut oil and place it in a mixing bowl along with the essence oil. You can use a hand-held mixer or a stand mixer.
  3. Mix on high-speed for 8 minutes or until whipped into a light, airy consistency. It won’t get supper fluffy but you will notice a difference in the texture. Stop occasionally and with a spatula, scrape the sides.
  4. Scoop the coconut oil moisturizer into a glass jar(s) and cover tightly. Store at room temperature. The whipped coconut oil should stay relatively soft.

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