Buildings and Trees-CFFC

My school is situated on 135 acres of pine forest. It is the biggest undeveloped track of land in our city. (West Palm Beach, FL) Just beyond that we have a 10 variety + bamboo garden. The students can take a serene nature walk through the bamboo garden. It is a picture perfect view from our school building!




Small Business Saturday

I have made it a point the last few years to support Small Businesses for my holiday shopping. It took me a few years to realize the impact of shopping small over shopping big box businesses.

Small business sat

I have ordered 2 handmade signs from a local mom who makes signs. I have ordered 3 handmade essential oil bags for friends. I have ordered a handbag through someone who sells Luci Bags. I think it is so much more meaningful knowing that I am not only giving a personalized gift but I am helping a family put food on the table over paying big box retail prices.

If you have been interested in essential oils head over to and check me out! Purchase a Premium Starter Kit and I will send you a bottle of Christmas Spirit, Orange or Nutmeg. I will continue knocking off my holiday list with other small businesses. ❤ Michelle

starter kit